Call for Abstracts: Social and Political Suffocations

About the book
Building on the understanding that the unequal distribution of wealth, privilege,
infrastructures, social and political agency and recognition take place along intersectional
power dynamics, this edited volume asks how these power dynamics operate in constituting
whose lives, and what life forms, are un/breathable. By approaching this topic as an
entanglement of structural, individual and quotidian operations of biopolitics and
necropolitics, this edited volume will offer critical analyses and transformative interventions
that can be developed to understand and challenge the suffocating and unliveable
atmospheres of contemporary ways of existing. It will address experiences of social and
political suffocations, as well as concomitant strategies of resistance, through chapters
written by an interdisciplinary assembly of scholars, artists, and activists who are all
embodied practitioners in their critical practice(s).

Formats and deadlines
Please submit your abstracts (approximately 300 words) along with:

  1. A short bio of approximately 150 words
  2. A title of the proposed chapter
  3. An indication of which inhalation, exhalation, or stop your work relates to

Please do not hesitate to submit work that addresses social and political suffocations even if
it does not fit exactly our preliminary outline of the book or the themes discussed in this

Please send your abstract and accompanying information to Tobin den Blijker:
The abstract deadline is: Friday December 3, 2021. The expected publication date is at the end of 2022 and the edited volume will be part of the
Routledge Critical Perspectives on Breath and Breathing book series edited by Lenart Škof
and Magdalena Górska.


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